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Our Story


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Musical Apparel is an independent brand based out of Southern California. Non-cliché, music inspired t-shirt designs are brought to life by a network of different artists both locally and abroad. Music is a big part of our life and our personal expression so it was decided that we represent that deep love and passion for music through our brand. From years of jamming in the garage, supporting the local scenes at backyard gigs, to rocking out at concerts & festivals, Musical Apparel represents the soundtrack that accompanies each of our own unique life journeys.


We’re a family of musicians and music lovers. It seems like the idea for Musical Apparel had always been there. We loved our band tees and the worn-out Fender or Zildjian shirt we had sitting in our drawers forever, but there wasn’t really anything else that we were able to find to wear that expressed our love and passion for music. Quite frankly, we got bored. We wanted something different and unique to wear. For about a year before our official launch we had been throwing around design ideas for t-shirts. So, in 2010 we finally decided that it was time to actually bring some of those ideas to life on tees for ourselves. So with the help of some amazing artists, business people, and the friends we’ve met along the way we are very proud to bring you Musical Apparel.